"All for one and one for all"

Our purpose is to unite every family with disabled children regardless of disability, diagnosis or personal circumstances, to stand together as one collective voice and to create a significant socio-political force for change 

We Believe that:

  • Every family's individual needs be met regardless of disability, diagnosis, age or personal circumstances
  • Family members with disabilities are part of the community, their presence is vital to the enrichment of our society and that families are the foundation of society
  • Families are a valuable resource and must have a major say in the development of policies that affect them
  • Society has a moral obligation to ensure that the fundamental rights of all people are honored.
  • Individuals with "Special Needs" have the right to obtain treatments and services to help them be the best they can be and to help them integrate into society
  • Individuals with special needs have the right to obtain clinically/medically necessary treatment in a timely manner, regardless of age or diagnosis and be provided as long as the individual requires it.
  • Only treatment supported by clinical/medical data and prescribed by a physician is acceptable 
  • Every family member has the life-long support they need to live valued, productive lives in their community, are universally available and ongoing regardless of family income
  • That all supports, services, education and treatment of an individuals needs be meaningful and inclusive
  • Families/caregivers should be guaranteed their autonomy to ensure full participation in society
  • "Individualized Funding", to be self-directed, by the family reflecting individual needs, is portable and attached to the individual and/or family for whom it is intended
  • All communities welcome and value differences, are inclusive and accessible 
It is our mission:
  • To ensure that each and every family and their children have their personal needs met
  • To provide a forum for sharing information about issues of common concern
  • To encourage the development and participation of family networks in each town, city and region
  • To facilitate national family networking
  • To nurture a collaborative relationship with all disability-related organizations
  • To ensure standards are set that all supports, services, education and treatment be of quality and equality
  • To be a collective voice of families that is a significant socio-political force for change
  • To connect families so they can offer each other strength, stability, confidence and knowledge
  • To promote the benefits of an inclusive and integrated society in our communities

Leonard Nieberg, (705) 431-8501, e-mail; leonardn@infinity.net 

Lianne Vigneault, (705) 424-0056, e-mail; liannesps@hotmail.com

Donna Currie, (705) 721-8607, e-mail; dcurrie@symaptico.ca