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7 October 2006



Paul Allen's "brain atlas" unlocking mysteries of the ultimate computer
"A Seattle lab funded by Microsoft philanthropist Paul Allen has revolutionized the landscape of neuroscience by creating a map of the brain that goes far beyond topography to pinpoint the workings of individual cells.... Experts say the Allen Brain Atlas, which will be formally unveiled today, will boost understanding of brain circuits and chemistry — and what goes wrong in conditions ranging from schizophrenia and autism to Parkinson's disease and drug addiction."

Ped Med: Debate mounts over autism counts
A balanced discussion of recorded autism prevalence rates in the US and how they may be interpreted.

Ped Med: A backward glance at autism

Many scientists speculate some form of autism likely existed since the dawn of humankind, although, of course, it was not recognized as such.... A retrospective look at the symptoms of autism.

U.S. government launches autism study
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has announced a $5.9 million study in six states to try to find the causes of autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities. It is planned 2,700 children aged 2 to 5 and their parents will take part in the five-year study. Researchers will look for infections or abnormal responses to infections in the child or parents, genetic factors, the mother's reproductive history, hormone levels, potential gastrointestinal problems in the child and other factors.

Understanding Schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, Autism: Novel Pathway Regulates Timing Of Brain Cell Development
In the October 6 issue of
Cell, researchers in the Neurobiology Program at Children's Hospital Boston report discovering a new molecular pathway that influences the timing of nerve-cell production.

Redefining autism
A National Post account of the
The Joy of Autism exhibit and lecture series in Toronto through October. See also, under Special Announcements below, notice of a radio interview about this initiative.

The following four items are from NorthJersey.com in northern New Jersey
Challenges for adults with autism
The public face of autism is young and cute. When most people think of autism, they think of children. But children grow up. They stop being cute. At 21, they stop getting the help they need. "It's like falling off a cliff." An excellent account of how several families in northern New Jersey are facing these challenges.

Life with Asperger's: One man tells his story

Scott Michael Robertson, 26 and a third-year Ph.D. student whose self-diagnosis in 1999 has been professionally confirmed. He has committed himself to "pursuing research that could help others with disabilities. My Ph.D. thesis will likely explore how to design technologies (like personal digital assistants) for teens and adults with autism. I'm also involved in two recently launched autism initiatives: Spectrum University (spectrumuniversity.com), a Web site about autism and college, and the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (autisticselfadvocacy.com.)"

On his own, in a new world

How David Bloom's dream came true on June 29 when he moved into his own apartment... he has Asperger's syndrome as well as an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Autism diagnosed at age 56
Tony Meyer is a 67-year-old man with autism who wasn't diagnosed until he was 56.



What is normal? Are we a society obsessed with the need for belonging to the exclusion of accepting people with differing abilities?

Co-ordinator of The Joy of Autism Exhibition and Lecture Series discusses many facets of autism this Sunday (October 8) on Contact on VoicePrint Canada. Tune in at 4.30 p.m. Eastern, 1.30 p.m. Pacific to hear a fascinating interview with Estee Klar-Wolfond, co-ordinator for The Joy of Autism series of lectures and art exhibitions in Toronto throughout the month of October. The series challenges the conventional views about autism as an illness and more as a human rights issue.

During the program, Klar-Wolfond challenges the notion that autism is simply an illness with a treatment just around the corner. She holds a differing belief: that there will be no cure for autism because “the landscape of autism is just too diverse.”

VoicePrint Canada is a division of NBRS, a registered charity established in 1989 to enhance access to printed news and information by 4.5 million vision- and print-restricted Canadians. VoicePrint Canada can be accessed on the Secondary Audio Program of CBC Newsworld; Star Choice, ExpressVu and Look TV audio channels; and on the Internet at www.voiceprintcanada.com.

For more information, contact Paul Daniel, Producer/Outreach Assistant, at 1-800-567-6755 ext. 226 or by email at pdaniel@voiceprintcanada.com

Request from Bill Stillman, author of Autism and the God Connection

My publisher, Sourcebooks, has contracted me to write a new book for their "answer book" series titled The Autism Answer Book. There will be 300 questions and answers relevant to autism with a unique twist: as a person with Asperger's, I'll be replying from an "inside-out" autism spectrum perspective.

I've already determined the categories but thought I'd go directly to the source to ascertain your most pressing questions, within these categories; or, if you've discovered a creative solution to a question, be sure to include that too. I can't guarantee that I'll use everyone's questions, but if yours are picked, I'll most definitely include your name in my published acknowledgments of gratitude.

Please submit your questions to me no later than
October 31, 2006. Here are the categories:
Chapter One: What is Autism?
Chapter Two: Getting a Diagnosis
Chapter Three: Communication Differences
Chapter Four: Sensory Sensitivities
Chapter Five: Physical Well-Being
Chapter Six: Mental Health
Chapter Seven: Valuing Passions
Chapter Eight: Treatment Options
Chapter Nine: Fair Discipline
Chapter Ten: Making Social Connections
Chapter Eleven: School Success
Chapter Twelve: Young Adulthood and Beyond
William Stillman
Autism Spectrum Self-Advocate, Author, and Consultant



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Autism One Radio Schedule
A Worldwide, Web-Based Radio Station for the Care, Treatment, and Recovery
of Children with Autism  http://www.autismone.org/radio

October 4-11, 2006, online
Awares' second international online autism conference in October 2006
Once again, the free virtual conference will feature the largest ever gathering of world autism experts, including people with autism and leading academics. Anyone is welcome to log on - parents, people with autism, researchers, practitioners, teachers and social workers. So please join us!
Leading international figures will be available to answer questions and discuss topics ranging from biomedical approaches to autism, the immunology and neurology of autism, educational methods and first-hand experiences of living with autism. They include Donna Williams and Wendy Lawson, two of the world's best-known autistic writers and speakers; Jacqui Jackson, mother of seven children (including four on the autistic spectrum) and her son, Luke, a well-known author and speaker with Asperger's syndrome, and the foremost autism authorities Professor Rita Jordan, Professor Laurent Mottron, Professor Anthony Bailey and Professor Margot Prior.
To find out more about Autism2006 and receive email updates with all the latest conference news, and to register, please go to www.autism2006.org  An online Foyer Café is also available for delegates to meet and discuss issues prior to the conference. For further details, please contact Laura Morgan on 029 20464940 in Cardiff. Abstracts and papers will be available online from the beginning of October 2006. Experts will be available on-line to answer questions in person between October 4-11.
Other experts taking part include Stephen Shore (USA), Larry Arnold (UK), Danny Beath (UK), Dr Marco Iacoboni (Italy), Dr Skirmantas Janusonis (USA), Dr Peter Enticott (Australia), Dr Manuel Casanova (USA), Chantal Sicile-Kira (USA), Dr Julie Donnelly (USA), Professor Michael Fitzgerald (Ireland), Professor Helen Tager-Flusberg (USA), Dr Molly Losh (USA), Paul Shattock (UK), Dr Karl Reichelt (Norway), Mitzi Waltz (USA), Dr Cynthia Molloy (USA), Dr Richard Becker (USA), Dr Dawn Wimpory (Wales), Dr Roberto Canitano (Italy), Dennis Debbaudt (USA), Professor Jill Boucher (UK), Dr Shari Au (USA), Dr David Skuse (UK), Olga Bogdashina (Ukraine), Dr Thomas Berney (UK), Dr Paul Ashwood (USA) and Dr Sven Boelte (Germany).

October 5-November 5, 2006, in Toronto
The Joy of Autism: Redefining Ability and Quality of Life
By TAAP: The Autism Acceptance Project

Presentations by authors, parents, researchers and autistic people, with a variety of views
A gallery exhibition will be held from October 5 through November 5, 2006 at the Lonsdale Gallery.
Lectures by researchers will discuss recent studies of autistic cognitive abilities.
Clinicians and autistic people will present views based on their lives with autism.
Parent authors and advocates will talk about their journey.
Lectures on October 10, 11 and 12 at the Al Green Theatre, Miles Nadal, Toronto JCC and on October 14 at the Lonsdale Gallery.
Panel discussion on October 16 at the Al Green Theatre including several autistic people, parents and researchers.
Full information & tickets at http://www.taaproject.com/

Friday, October 13, 2006: 9:30 – 3:30
Aren Hutton,
Speech-Language Pathologist, Speaks Up on Every Day Encounters
“Communication is the base of human interactions.  Often, people with intellectual disabilities feel isolated due to their communication deficits.  During this workshop will learn how to identify your client’s level of communication in addition to some tips to encourage positive interactions during everyday tasks.”
A new workshop offered by Regional Support Associates
Best Western Lamplighter Inn, London
Cost: $45 (Lunch is provided)
Click for flyer and registration
To register for RSA workshops or training please contact:
Jayne Joyes - Administrative Assistant   (519) 421-4248
Toll Free: 1-800-640-4108  Fax: 421-4249
or email Jayne Joyes at: jjoyes@wgh.on.ca

October 15, 2006, all day, in Erin
Families for a Secure Future invites you to
The Art of Listening
led by Judith McGill
Click for full details and to register

October 17, 2006, in Detroit
Behavior Solutions for Adolescents with Severely Limiting Autism
Maria Wheeler: Adolescence combined with severely limiting autism presents a unique challenge for the effected individual, families, educators and therapists. In this session, we will explore age appropriate interventions for addressing behavioral concerns including aggression, refusal to work, stripping, self-stimulation, ineffective communication, offensive communication, echolalia, sexual behavior, seizure-related behaviors, wandering, non-compliance and other behaviors that commonly interfere with social success and learning. Please click for more details

October 18,
2006, in Detroit
Transitioning to Adulthood
Peter Gerhardt: Increasing attention is being paid to needs of learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as they enter adolescence and grow into adulthood. Where job placement was once considered desirable, now the goal is career development. Instead of residential placement, now there is talk of residential choices in support of quality of life. This workshop will provide an overview of this movement toward transition planning for competent adulthood. Social skills and sexuality will also be addressed in young adults with ASD. Please click for more details

October 21, 2006
, in Ottawa
Nevil, an award winning one-act play by former Ottawa resident, Monika Schneider,
is returning to
Ottawa for two engagements, as a fund-raiser for the Families Matter Co-operative
Click for more details and to order tickets

October 22, 2006, all day, in Pickering
Families for a Secure Future invites you to
The Art of Listening
led by Judith McGill
Click for full details and to register

October 25, 26, 27, 2006, in Metro
Toronto Convention Centre

Autism 2006 - Geneva Centre for Autism International Symposium

Complete program now available on our website.

Go to www.autism.net now to view this year's exciting conference program including speakers from around the world. The comprehensive agenda includes presentations on the latest intervention and research in autism and neurology, biomedical interventions, positive behavioural intervention, communication, social skills, sensory processing disorders, anger management, adolescents, adults/employment, first hand accounts, Aspergerís disorder, cognitive behaviour therapy, intensive behavioural intervention, OCD and much more. 

Don't miss this international exhibit hall, art gallery and remarkable opening ceremony featuring the talents of gifted individuals with ASD.

30 October-November 2, 2006, in Cape Town, South Africa
World Congress on Autism "Autism Safari - Exploring New Territories"
Please keep visiting this website for updates

3 & 4 November, 2006, in London, Ontario

Autism Canada Foundation presents:
Autism: A Medical Condition
Click for full brochure

November 8-11, 2006, in Baltimore
TASH CONFERENCE: Living the Vision Together: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond
Conference Highlights
  • Keynote Speakers include - Jonathan Mooney, Ann Turnball, DJ and Ursula Markey and Zach Bryant, 14-year-old 8th grade student, Maryland
  • Featuring over 350 breakout sessions, exhibits, roundtable discussions, poster sessions and more
  • Special features include TASH TECH Workshops on restraint elimination, inclusive education, influencing teaching and learning, autism spectrum disorders, lifestyle issues, distance education, self advocates and more.
  • Highlighting Saturday Institutes on inclusive education, positive behavior support, social and recreation life and more.
  • Complete conference registration and hotel information is available on website at www.tash.org

Friday, December 8th, 2006, 9:30 – 3:30
Presented by J. Dale Munro, MSW, RSW, FAAMR, Clinical Supervisor; Dr. Lillian Burke, Ph.D., C. Psych, psychologist, of Regional Support Associates
Location: Elmhurst Inn, Ingersoll
Cost: $45

To register for RSA workshops or training please contact:
Jayne Joyes - Administrative Assistant   (519) 421-4248
Toll Free: 1-800-640-4108  Fax: 421-4249
or email Jayne Joyes at: jjoyes@wgh.on.ca

Advance Notices:

8-10 February 2007, in Herning, Denmark

Welcome to Meeting of Minds 2 - A conference on autism and related disorders

Social Cognition and Emotion in Autism and Related Disorders - A Multidimensional Approach - Research and Practice
Keynote speakers include
Daniel Stern, Uta Frith, Simon Baron-Cohen, Peter Hobson, Paul Harris, Stephen von Tetzchner, Hans-Christoph Steinhausen, Anthony Wigram
For more details, visit: http://www.meetingofminds2.dk/

May 23 – 27, 2007, Sheraton Centre Toronto

2nd International Come To Your Senses Conference

Opening the Sensory World to Children & Adults with Complex Disabilities

By MukiBaum Treatment Centres

Call for Papers NOW OPEN!

We invite professionals, parents, caregivers, persons with disabilities, researchers and consumers to present on a wide array of topics within the realm of Sensory-Motor Therapy and people with disabilities.  The goal is to share and disseminate knowledge and experience from around the world so that we can better understand the Sensory Reality of people with disabilities and the many forms of treatment that exist. 

If you are interested in presenting at our conference, visit the website at www.mukibaum.com and click on the link for Submit Paper.  The complete details and rules for submission are outlined on the website. 

Registration will be open by October 15, 2006 and you can take advantage of Early Bird rates.  There will be opportunities for you and your organization to exhibit, become a sponsor of the event and participate in a number of activities throughout the conference.

June 15 & 16, 2007

2007 Autism Spectrum Disorders Conference
Acceptance and Opportunities: See the Potential

A conference that will explore best practices and approaches for increasing quality of life, opportunities and independence. Save the Date! Friday, June 15 & Saturday, June 16, 2007 Toronto, Ontario
Member and Early Bird Registration discounts are available.
Keep an eye on www.autismontario.com for more information to be released in the coming months.



Dr Tony Attwood: The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome
may be ordered from Future Horizons, Inc. 721 W. Abram Street, Arlington, Texas 76013
Phone.800.489.0727 *  Fax.817.277.2270
$24.95 with free shipping if ordered before October 10. Publication date: November 1.
Click for original publication details

TAP: The AutismPerspective
Vol 2, Issue 3, summer 2006
features older children, teens and adults with ASD
The cover story is by and about Barb Rentenbach.
Learn more about TAP magazine



News about adults with autism is usually negative. We receive many appeals for advice on where to turn for help--with diagnosis and assessment, advocacy, planning for the future, alternatives to approaches that are not working. There are virtually no obvious sources of help for isolated adults with autism and their caregivers.

We know that some adults and their families and caregivers are heroically using what resources they have to achieve some successes with their challenges. Some can report remarkable progress. We invite you, as an adult or caregiver living with autism, to share your perceptions, problems and success stories, if you think others might help or benefit.

Image Art by Brian Henson
The Dawn of Autism

Enhancing the Riverview

Brian would be interested to hear of the perceptions of people looking at these images.

If you wish, we will not print your name or email address. You may send a message to ebloomfi@uoguelph.ca for OAARSN. Or you might use the OAARSN Discussion Board, reached by pressing the Communication bar on our main page

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