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25 November 2005



Autistics' problem 'reading' faces not related to identifying them: study
Researchers in Canada and the U.S. studied whether problems "reading" facial expressions were linked to problems interpreting emotions or assessing faces. Results suggest the ability to interpret a facial expression is linked to the ability to interpret nonfacial emotional cues such as voice and gesture conveyed by body language.

Say it loud, autistic and proud
For many, it's a condition which evokes pity and even fear. But a campaigning group of activists is determined to change the way we view autism by dealing not with its many downsides, but by focusing on its positives. Jerome Burne of The Observer comments on the Getting the Truth Out website started by autism activists earlier this year, and on a UK meeting of Autscape.

Helena acts Jacquie in The Magnificent Seven
Helena Bonham Carter plays the role of the mother of four sons on the autism spectrum in the new BBC film.



Just published: a new book about living with autism in Ontario by an adult with autism and his mother…
The road trip: life with autism, by Gloria Pearson-Vasey and J. Kevin Vasey (Ottawa: Novalis, 2005). ISBN 2-89507-603-0.
We highly recommend this new book, just out this month. We hope to post a review and more details in our next bulletin.

ASO's Position Paper on the Locating Technology Project for Vulnerable Individuals
On behalf of Autism Society Ontario, Nancy Cherry capably coordinated and pulled together the resources for this document that was then submitted to the MCSS late this summer. The Ministry had put out a call for proposals regarding pilot project funding on this topic. ASO's objective was to inform the selection process which resulted in the development of this paper. There are also several excellent appendices.

The World Autism Survey
was launched at the National Autistic Society International Conference in London on the 23rd of September 2005. The survey invites responses from people with autism, parents of a child or adult with autism and
from professionals and service providers in the field of autism. We welcome all contributions to the survey.
The questions have been designed to give an overview of the way people with autism are supported in the respondents’ locality. By having as many people as possible complete relevant sections of the survey, we plan to build up a picture of the good and not so good practices currently occurring around the globe.
"The Person with Autism" and the "Parent" sections are meant only for these individuals to complete. In this way, we plan to gain a feeling for how services work for those most intimately involved.Thank you for your time and effort in responding to this survey. Please pass on the survey’s internet address (www.autism-survey.com) to others who you believe may also make a knowledgeable contribution to this important research.



Please send submissions for this news bulletin or for the OAARSN Calendar and Bulletin Board in plain text format by email to ebloomfi@uoguelph.ca with "announcement" at the beginning of the subject line.
Please provide details of the following as BRIEFLY as possible: 
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 Date of Event 
 City and Location of Event
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Please Note:
Geneva Centre for Autism Toronto Calendar of Training Events
Click on title for Fall and Winter 2005-2006.
Click to register online
For questions, contact Event Coordinator Claire Shave at Ext. 235
Tel: (416) 322-7877
Toll Free: 1-866-Geneva-9
Fax: (416) 322-5894 or cshave@autism.net

Sunday, November 27th 2005, 11:30am to 2pm, in Toronto
NAAR Canada launches its "Lunch and Learn" series with Dr Susan E. Bryson

The series showcases the research of top scientists funded by NAAR.
Dr Bryson is Professor and Chair in Autism Research, Autism Research Centre, IWK Health Centre/Dalhousie University. She was formerly at the York University and the University of Guelph, and served on the Boards of Directors of Autism Society Ontario and Waterloo-Wellington Autism Services. She wrote the landmark report on the needs of adults with autism: Our Most Vulnerable Citizens (click on title to read).  
The Lunch & Learn will take place at 89 Chestnut/University of
Toronto Residence.
Tickets (nominal charge of $10.00 per person) must be purchased in advance to cater for lunch.
Click to buy tickets

December 1, 2005, 7-10 pm, in Toronto
Exhibition Opening of Beyond Words

Jonathan Lerman is a savant artist with autism. He is unable to converse so we cannot ask what inspires him or what triggered him to suddenly begin drawing at the age of ten. Today, at seventeen, Jonathan is prolific and shows no signs of slowing down. He has been featured in the New York Times, 60 Minutes, with Dan Rather, on The Today Show and more. He is in high demand because, as an artist with autism, he drawsfaces with uncanny insight and is coming to the forefront of the Outsider Art genre.
An exciting event for both the art community of Toronto and the autism community at large. Together, we can celebrate the extraordinary talents of a great artist with a completely different perspective.
At Lonsdale Gallery, 410 Spadina Road, Forest Hill, Toronto, (416) 487-8733 from December 1-20, 2005

December 7, 2005, 5-9pm, in London
Kitchen Table Talks about Special Services at Home (SSAHPC)
SSAHPC hosts an evening of dinner and discussion about Special Services at Home
Location: Siskinds Office, 680 Waterloo Street, London
To register or for additional information
Visit the SSAHPC website



Kitchener Public Library's Autism Collection
Kitchener Public Library established an Autism Collection two years ago, with generous
support from Waterloo-Wellington Autism Services. Read this update about the Autism Collection

Click on the following URL "hot key" to reach a listing in title order of all the books, videos etc in KPL's remarkable Autism Collection. Search KPL Autism Collection
You can then use the Sort/Limit button on the top of the page to narrow down to what they are really looking for – for example the author’s name, or the date order - so all the new
come to the top, or limit to video or DVD, etc.

Creative Supports for Vulnerable Citizens

Audio and video recordings of the Guelph Spring Conference in April 2005 have been edited into:
-a summary videotape of the essence and highlights of the conference
-a print publication of edited text transcripts of the presentations and of the displays

Contents include the keynote address by John Lord on “Creative Supports that Work: Values, Principles and Processes” and John's concluding facilitated discussion, and presentations in the four
concurrent workshops:
Judith Snow on “Building Supports with Individuals”;

Barbara Leavitt on “From Housing to Creating My Home”;
Peggy Hutchison on “Building Meaningful Supports for Work and Recreation Experiences”;
Marlyn Shervill, Alice Quinlan and Michelle Friesen on “How Families and Communities Can Make Creative Options Work: The Windsor-Essex Experience.”
Information about the various organizations from all over southern
Ontario that presented displays is included in the book.

The videotape and book have been produced by Guelph Services for the Autistic, which thanks Kerry's Place Autism Services and the Community Mental Health Clinic in
Guelph for grants to help us make these resources available at modest cost. Click for more details and order form

Realizing the College Dream with Autism or Asperger Syndrome: A Parent's Guide to Student Success
Review of a new book by the mother of a student with HFA about the transition from high school to college in North Carolina.

Coping with the Challenges of Autism
The website of David Hamrick,Meteorology Student at NC State University, is a self-advocate for people with autism. David is pleased to correspond on autism-related correspondence, for which he has a new email address: WeatheringAutism@gmail.com

DOOR 2 Adulthood website for youth with disabilities in Ontario
is getting ready for an official launch of DOOR 2 Adulthood at Transitions Conference 3 on May 12-13, 2006 in Toronto, Ontario. Look at the latest draft by clicking on the title. If you would like to join our 'virtual community' and become involved in developing and testing this exciting new website, then tell them to contact us at door2adulthood@ablelink.org or 416-425-6220, ext. 3207 (1-800-363-2440).
Deb Stewart and Yani Hamdani, CanChild Bloorview MacMillan Children's Centre

LOOKING UP: the 40-page monthly international autism newsletter edited by Adam Feinstein

Aimed at parents and professionals alike, it is a lively and informative mix of the very latest findings in autism research from around the world and articles which explore the impact of autism in all areas. We have access to the most up-to-date material in more than a dozen languages concerning possible causes and treatments of autism, together with the latest educational approaches. We publish articles relating to autism in the family, school and further education, employment, film and the other arts, politics, sport and society. Click on the title to reach more information on the website, which also includes a full list of back-issue contents, as well as a search engine.
Articles appearing in the next few numbers of Looking Up include: an interview with Professor Rita Jordan, one of the world's leading autism experts; Sensory issues in autism;  'Another way to approach theory of mind (and lack of it)' by Olga Bogdashina and 'Ten things an autistic adult wishes you knew.' 
We have also just started a new Google group (
http://groups.google.com/group/Looking-Up ) for announcements and discussion related to Looking Up and any other autism-related debate. Please feel free to visit and contribute.

Autism One Radio Schedule 
A Worldwide, Web-Based Radio Station for the Care, Treatment, and Recovery of Children with Autism

Individualized Funding Coalition For Ontario
IFCO's website, maintained by Joyce Balaz, contains much up-to-date and relevant material too encourage persons and families who want to direct their own lives.
Note a new document Building a New Story: Transforming Disability Supports and Policies
Revisiting In Unison: A Canadian Approach to Disability Issues 1997. A commentary by John Lord, Judith Snow and Charlotte Dingwall, for the Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario (September 2005).

ARCH ALERT: November 9, 2005
ARCH ALERT is published by ARCH Disability Law Centre. It is distributed free via e-mail, fax, or mail to ARCH member groups, community legal clinics, and others with an interest in disability issues. ARCH is a non-profit community legal clinic, which defends and promotes the equality rights of persons with disabilities through litigation, law/policy reform and legal education.

  1. Supreme Court Victory for Immigrants with Disabilities
  2. ARCH Anniversary Celebration and Annual General Meeting
  3. New Rules for ODSP and OW Special Diet Allowance
  4. First Two AODA Accessibility Standards Development Committees Planned
  5. Update on Human Rights Reform Process in Ontario
  6. ARCH Launches Fact Sheets on Abuse and Persons with Disabilities
  7. MCSS Announces New Funding for Community Living
  8. MCYS Answers Questions on Specialized Supports Funding
  9. Government Appeals Wynberg Decision, CACL and CLO Intervene
  10. ARCH at the Supreme Court
  11. More Time to Take Part in SDC's Online Consultation
  12. Member of "Alternate Family" Is Renter, not Boarder
  13. Court Denies Child Support to Parent of Crown Ward with Disability
  14. TTY Service at Legal Aid Ontario and the Federal Government
  15. Correction
  16. Law Student Creates Book on Living with Disability
  17. Resources on Abuse and Persons with Disabilities

News from Accessibility Ontario

The Ontario government is continuing to move forward with implementation of the province’s landmark accessibility legislation by starting work on new provincial accessibility standards.
The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 will make Ontario a world leader in improving accessibility for people with disabilities. Clear accessibility standards will be the building blocks of an accessible Ontario and make it possible for people with disabilities to participate to their full potential in the social and economic life of the province.
The government is now recruiting members for the committees that will develop the customer service and transportation standards. Click on the title to keep up with the news.

Number 86 November 1, 2005
Housing Again Bulletin, sponsored by Raising the Roof as a partner in Housing Again. A monthly electronic bulletin highlighting what people are doing to put housing back on the public agenda in Ontario, across Canada and around the world. Our web sites are:
Housing Again
Shared Learnings on Homelessness
Raising the Roof
If you have any tips for the Bulletin please e-mail:
annemariea@nrupublishing.com or haille6@rogers.com

The Philia Dialogue on Caring Citizenship invites you to visit its newly designed website.
The Philia Dialogue is an initiative of PLAN Institute, which brings the wisdom of the disability community to Philia's quest for a more inclusive society. You can request a free subscription to the monthly e-zine @Philia.
To give a sense of its scope, these are in the November ezine:
-Nourishing Ideas: Music and Citizenship, and The Social Construction of Poverty
-Philia Online Dialogue Series
-Inspiring Action: Measuring Up, and Action For Neighbourhood Change
The Philia Dialogue is an initiative of PLAN Institute, which brings the wisdom of the disability community to Philia's quest for a more inclusive society. You can request a free subscription to the monthly e-zine @Philia.
Share your ideas and stories at the website by clicking "Have Your Say" or send longer stories to haveyoursay@philia.ca

Read PLANFacts

The Fall 2005 newsletter of Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network
an organization created to help families answer the question:
"What happens to our family members with disabilities when we die?"
Visit the new PLAN website with links to:

Philia - A Dialogue on Caring Citizenship

Family Leadership

Social Network Facilitation
Organizational Development

Policy Reform

The Canadian Index of Wellbeing
aims to provide Canadians with a clear, valid, and regular accounting of the things that matter to them and the genuine progress of
Canada. Read more

The latest issue (64, Fall 2005) features Abilities Festival: Spotlight on the Arts.

Disability WebLinks
Disability WebLinks is a resource providing access to over 1,500 federal, provincial and territorial government programs, information and services for people with disabilities in Canada.




News about adults with autism is usually negative. We receive many appeals for advice on where to turn for help--with diagnosis and assessment, advocacy, planning for the future, alternatives to approaches that are not working. There are virtually no obvious sources of help for isolated adults with autism and their caregivers.

We know that some adults and their families and caregivers are heroically using what resources they have to achieve some successes with their challenges. Some can report remarkable progress. We invite you, as an adult or caregiver living with autism, to share your perceptions, problems and success stories, if you think others might help or benefit.

If you wish, we will not print your name or email address. You may send a message to ebloomfi@uoguelph.ca for OAARSN. Or you might use the OAARSN Discussion Board, reached by pressing the Communication bar on our main page

If Only I Had Known...
If only I had known from in the early days in life
The years of mystery would not be there;
If only I had known, and read, and understood it all,
Then I would never say "There ain't a prayer!"
If only I had known about this descriptive term or phrase,
About this way of seeing things askew;
If only I had known, back then, that I was not alone,
Then contact would be there for me and you.
But I did not have any way to find the unknown key,
As no one else at that time had a clue;
However, since I have found out about this way of life,
That has brought us together--me and you.
We see the world so differently, ...seems strange to even us;
But in it we are still alive and fair.
Some day, when we look back upon the days of our own lives,
We'll wonder why we even had a care...
So different is this way of life, that no one can describe
Just how the person sees the river flow,
Nor how the person hears the lark or rustle of the leaves,
As everything is sudden, but still slow.
The competition's just not there, nor is the need to crave;
The need to claim possession is unknown;
And each small blade of grass is seen as life unto itself,
As every whisper is felt to the bone.
As we adapt to this new way of being in this life,
And with it, show our empathetic side,
We'll not be short of friends, and we will sense the growth of hope,
With all of mother nature on our side....
                                                                    -Brian Henson©2005

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