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  2 July 2004

New on the OAARSN website:
ASPIRE update

Guelph Services for the Autistic announces that a new ASPIRE Advocate has been appointed to help adults and their families in the Waterloo-Wellington region of southern Ontario to plan for and implement better lives. Nancy Miles of Waterloo is well qualified, as a parent and with much experience in autism support and advocacy.

ASPIRE was originally launched for a period of 20 months. GSA took stock of ASPIRE’s achievements to early 2004 and decided it should continue. Continued financial help from Waterloo-Wellington Autism Services is greatly appreciated. Please click for a note of ASPIRE’s achievements to June 2004. 

The new ASPIRE Advocate's responsibilities are expected to be:

a)   Following up key focus persons with ASD and their families, and noting and reporting good models, issues, concerns, supports and services that require further investigation and advocacy.

b)   Compiling a list of really helpful resources and services that already exist in this region for adults—both publicly funded and user-pay--and identifying gaps,

c)   Planning small group discussions, focused on aspects of person-centred planning for a good life in the community, such as: MAPS and PATH planning; supported decision-making; personal support circles and networks; incorporated aroha entities; finding and keeping support workers; finding and appreciating volunteers; homeownership and homesharing; future planning beyond parents.

d)   Assisting with planning and organization of the Creative Living Supports conference.

e)   Assisting with interpretation of Adult Needs Survey returns

f)    Possibly assisting with updating of OAARSN website

If you are interested in more information, you could use the Search function from OAARSN's main page to find everything about ASPIRE.


General Autism News

Study Details Possible Cause of Autism
A glitch in brain circuitry may help explain why people with autism often display anti-social behavior. Forbes Magazine's story of research reported in the latest issue of Science.

First university-based research center for epigenetics
The new Center for the Epigenetics of Common Human Disease at Johns Hopkins is funded by the National Human Genome Research Institute and the National Institute of Mental Health.

Autism linked to problem births
Women who have problems during pregnancy and labour are more likely to have children who develop autism, according to Australian research. But the study has failed to pinpoint a single defining cause for autism, which is characterised by severely impaired social functioning and communication. The research
was published in the latest issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry.

Autism charity to test treatment claims
The Autism Intervention Research Trust in Britain is to fund research into the effectiveness of interventions to find out which work, which do not and which are potentially hazardous.Only 8% of "autism research activity in the UK is currently concerned with intervention and the new research trust has been established to address this vital need“.

New WHO Guidelines on Alternative Medicines
A response to the finding that adverse drug reactions to alternative medicines have more than doubled in three years.

Putting autistic patients at ease
An editorial supplement to 'Understanding Autism,' June 2004 Journal of Emergency Medical Services. The tips are meant to be read in conjunction with "Understanding Autism: How to appropriately & safely approach, assess & manage autistic patients," by Loralee Olejnik, in June 2004 JEMS.

Tracking Device to help in missing person cases
A story about Project Lifesaver, based in Virginia.

Out of One Woman's Suffering Springs Help for Others
As a child with a misshapen face, slurred speech and seizures, Judith Bluestone was painfully aware of the attention she attracted. She was taunted at school. Adults would take a noticeably wide berth to avoid contact. Through multiple surgeries and sheer grit, the 59-year-old Seattle resident overcame her handicap and today leads a non-profit organization that has helped hundreds of people suffering from attention-deficit disorder, autism, Tourette's syndrome and other brain disorders regain function and a better life.

Autistic Teens Create Website for People with Asperger's Syndrome
Dan Grover of Vermont and Alexander Plank of Virginia launched WrongPlanet.net, a community website for other individuals with the syndrome. "Most of the existing resources are aimed at helping parents and educators, while others encourage a hatred towards the largely neurotypical society. We need to have a forum where our goal is to try to coexist better in this world, not isolate ourselves from it," said Alexander. "Really what the goal is," Dan added, "is to alleviate those with Asperger's from this pressure that they need to conform to fit in. What is best is to learn how to use your uniqueness to your advantage and find your place in the world."

New Book to Increase Autism Awareness in India
'Quest: Search for a Quality Life' by autistic youth Krishna Narayanan and coauthored by his mother Jalaja Narayanan was released this week at the inauguration of an autism centre in Chennai.

Autism Today announces special offer on Tony Attwood's Making Friends


Canadian News

COMMENT: "Why I Do Not Vote: The real alternative choice to politics..."
in response to OAARSN's advice on how people with disabilities could register their votes in the recent federal election

I don't feel "alienated" by government, with the system and choices offered?!... (alienated by socialism?!... no way...)  It's more of a feeling of being cheated, and abused, by lies and distortions, of ignorance, and crimes, of confusion... (!) than anything else.  And our choices aren't much better than what the U.S. offers, either, with its Republican and Democratic "parties", of only two political choices?... when we can't express a legitimate alternative, as in a protest vote, for ourselves, as individuals.  If we can't protest the limited (and limiting...) choice(s) being offered, in voting ("declined" votes are considered spoiled...) then what real alternative do we have, in democracy?  I'm taking it!... in this respect, of protesting (and governing myself...) in another way.

I want to work for what I want, and need, and be able to keep a reasonable part of it (!), of what is mine (?) to do for me and mine (or why bother?...) what only I can do best.  I want (as in need...) to be ruled by the truth, of understanding, for myself!...  I want to govern myself.  Where there seems to be differences of understanding of what that could mean I will point out that there are no such differences, in truly understanding, only in our other, and lesser, feelings, and values (of confusion?...) where a greater understanding is concerned, and that the greater understanding will prevail (I hope...) as it always has.

It's our other feelings, and senses (of real needs) that we should be more concerned with, and honest about, I feel, in striving towards the greater understanding that constitutes a meaningful life.  A lot of our feelings would be better addressed more directly by facts "not" subverted to the politics of majority opinion, and voting...  Give me individual research, and The facts, dedicated to people, as individuals!  My special-needs child (all the children?!...) deserve it, and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) delivers it - an intelligent means of better understanding and teaching and living together.  They, all the children, and my position on this matter, are not "popular" (socially "supported"...), it is clear to me, with the main stream of political activity and choice(s) offered. ! ; This is not a plea for "charity"...

I'm also frustrated, and disturbed, to write... by all the attention and propaganda directed at voting, for voting (?!) by the media, as if we should expect to get more of what we want and need from voting, or "agreeing upon things" (what belongs to others?...), or that voting could justify us in all that we actually are and say and do?  I see nothing in the present choice(s), of voting... to establish, or enforce, a law for one and all to be applied equally (and justly) to all?  Nor do I see a choice, of political will... to establish a larger (real) consensus, to "better" democracy, in this respect.  Am I not to be treated equal to our government, my government?...  If it's a political solution you're looking for, you'll have to ask someone else for that (there are plenty of takers...)  The political world doesn't "exist", honestly.! .. for me. 

Thanks for the invitation (though...) for an explanation (?) of my frustration, of, and for, real choice, as with a "protest vote" (and in governing myself) which this should suffice to be, where it doesn't answer for it. (Try more, to understand... for yourself?!...)  Reconsider science, for understanding, of, and for, the individual ("me") where this simple explanation doesn't cut it, here, of The facts, with you.  I will simply end by saying, govern (and represent) yourself!... as I have done and do, but not just as I have done and do, but as only you can do for yourself.  You have "all" your feelings to guide you in this respect... You might be surprised at what that has done... and can do, for us all.

Mike Glavic, Science for understanding... Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada


No new announcements since the last bulletin.

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July 24, 2004, in
Autism Canada Foundation presents:
Biomedical Interventions for Autism
The most advanced information for Physicians and Parents on Autism Biomedical Treatments

Morning - 9:30 a.m to 12:00 p.m.
The Gut/Brain/Diet Connection and The Specific Carbohydrate Diet
by Canadian Researcher and
Author Elaine Gottschall, B.A., MSc.
Afternoon - 1:00p.m.  – 4:30 p.m.
“State of the Art” Biological Recovery Strategies for Autism
by autism specialist Jeff Bradstreet, M.D. FAAFP
Alumni Hall Room 100, 121 St. Joseph Street, St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto  
$85.00 per person Payment by PAYPAL, Cheque (prior to July 4th), or Faxed Visa Form
Registration form available at www.autismcanada.org
$100.00 Cash at door (space permitting)
$3.00 surcharge will apply to creditcard and PAYPAL payments.
For info call:  Cynthia @ 905-331-4480  Fax: 905-331-4662

July 26, 2004
in Collingwood Public Library
Shirley Sutton presents on
Make ‘n Take Fine Motor Fun, Cognitive Tasks

Contact:  Martha Sutton  705-445-8069 sutt1850@wlu.ca

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Cambridge Chapter of Autism Society Ontario announces
its first annual golf tournament in support of individuals with autism and their families.
This dedicated group of volunteers supplies information, provides parent support, and advocates for programs and services to benefit the local autism community.

Grand Valley Golf & Country Club
1910 Roseville Rd, RR#2,
Cambridge ON N1R 5S3 
(519) 623-8811
Shotgun start at 7:30 am, registration begins at 7am. Best ball format.

Fee of $75 per person includes 18 holes of golf, a power cart, buffet luncheon and a $20 charitable tax receipt.
Please make cheque payable to “Autism Society Ontario –
Cambridge Chapter” and mail to 160 Hespeler Road,
Cambridge, ON N1R 6V7 no later than Friday July 30, 2004.  We are limited to 144 golfers so please register early.

For more information: Barry at (519) 621-5501 all5ames@globalserve.net

Sept 13  2004
, in Barrie
Shirley Sutton presents on
Visual-Kinesthetic Printing  Skills: Preparing for Kindergarten and Primary level

Contact : Achimota Centre for Children with Autism (ACCA) Barrie 705-735-2336. achimota@vianet.on.ca


*Oct 1/ 2, 2004, in Ottawa
Shirley Sutton presents on
Sensory Strategies,  Oral and Fine Motor Fun Make & Take.

Contact: Children at Risk Ottawa On  carsup@magma.ca

Oct 15, 2004, in Waterloo

Shirley Sutton presents on
Sensory Strategies Make’n Take

Contact : Sue Wahl. Waterloo  sue@toy.com


Oct 17-18, in Hamilton
Canadian National Committee for Police/Mental Health Liaison

3rd Annual Police/Mental Health Conference to be held in Hamilton in October 2004
COAST (Crisis Outreach and Support Team) and the Hamilton Police Service will be hosting the 3rd Annual Psychiatrists in Blue conference this year. The dates are set for October 17-18, at the Hamilton Convention Centre … and the line-up is exciting.This year’s theme is “Things that Work,” and thus it seems only fitting to feature the Memphis (Tenn) Police Department’s Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)- generally known simply as “the Memphis Model.”   The Crisis Intervention Team is a specialized program that unites law enforcement officers, family members, providers and consumers for common goals within community partnerships.  Its multi-disciplinary approach to mental illness issues emphasizes specific objectives including: Safety (Immediate Response)Pre-jail Diversion, Understanding, Education. For more information and details about the both the 2004 Hamilton Conference as well as about the National Committee, check website at http://www.pmhl.ca

Oct. 22, in
Victoria BC.

Shirley Sutton presents on
Making Sense of Sensory Integration

Contact: Autism Awareness Centre Inc. wendy.casdc@shaw.ca


Nov. 6, 2004
, in York Region

Shirley Sutton presents on
Sensory Oral and Fine Motor Fun Make’n Take

Contact:  Autism Society Ontario- York Region. Lynda asoyork@axxent.ca

Geneva Centre International Symposium
is scheduled for November 10, 11, 12, 2004 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The Symposium 2004 brochure has been mailed out and is also available on our website.
This year you have the option to register on-line at www.autism.net




News about adults with autism is usually negative. OAARSN receives many appeals for advice on where to turn for help--with diagnosis and assessment, advocacy, planning for the future, alternatives to approaches that are not working. There are virtually no obvious sources of help for isolated adults with autism and their caregivers.
We know that some adults and their families and caregivers are heroically using what resources they have to achieve some successes with their challenges. Some can report remarkable progress. We invite you, as an adult or caregiver living with autism, to share your problems and your success stories, if you think others might help or benefit.If you wish, we will not publish your name or email address. You may send a message to ebloomfi@uoguelph.ca for OAARSN. Or you might use the OAARSN Discussion Board, reached by pressing the Communication bar on our main page

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