How to Afford a Home of My Own?

How do we translate dreams and hopes into realities? It’s hard enough for able-bodied people to become homeowners. A home of one’s own seems unattainable by a person whose only income is a disability allowance way below the poverty line. Anyone dependent on such an allowance is forbidden to accumulate savings and, even when given or bequeathed a home, finds it impossible to pay for all the costs of maintenance. In times when social housing funds are very scarce, it’s vital to think creatively of private-public partnerships. 

GSA’s model allows parents to provide all or part of the capital to buy a home, in several ways, and to have the peace of mind with safeguards for a good life in a home that revolves around their family member with a disability.

Excerpts from introduction to chapter in CREATING A HOME AND GOOD LIFE OF MY OWNStrategies and formal agreements developed by Guelph Services for the Autistic in its role as housing trust (2008). 
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