Instructions to make a weighted blanket 
Contributed by Minna Mettinen

Use two existing blankets to do this. Put the pockets on one, and then sew the two blankets together. This is for those who donít have dollars to go out to buy a weighted blanket. Also this way, a favorite blanket can be turned into a weighted blanket. Use the favorite one, as the cover, over top of the one with the pockets. This way also the pockets can be sewn out of any material at hand, and noone will see what they look like inside, so it also saves on buying materials. Also, the pockets can be filled with various things, even changing them according to how much  pressure is needed. Sometimes one can use little baggies made out of dried peas, or little baggies made out of modeling clay, (formed flat to fit the pocket nicely).  Also if this is for a child, you may wish to make the pockets larger, so it accommodates more weights as the child grows. 

I got a piece of polar fleece that was 2 yards and another that was 3 yards. I cut the extra yard off the one, and used it to make pockets, which I sewed onto one of the pieces of fleece. Then I sewed 3 sides of the 2 big pieces together. I put sticky back velcro on all the pockets, and stuffed them with little baggies filled with clay and lead beebees (this may be too heavy for who you have it in mind for, though-I like TONS AND TONS of pressure). Then I turned it inside in, so the pockets were on the inside, and put sticky back velcro on the side thatís not sewed shut. Now it is washable and the weights may be adjusted to need!