1. Two research studies have been approved by the Queen's University Ethics Board.
Participation by families, children and/or adults is invited.

More studies will begin in September, when we will let you know more.

 a) Social Cognitive Skill in Young Children with Autism and Toddlers at Risk for Autism
We are looking for:
           high-functioning children (under 4 years) or lower-functioning children
(under 7 years) with a diagnosed ASD;
           children (under 30 months) who have an older sibling with a diagnosed
ASD of any age;
           children with a developmental delay (under 7 years) and their younger
siblings (under 30 months)
The study involves a number of play-like tasks and participation will require one to two visits that will be between 45 minutes to one hour long. Parents will also be asked to fill out two short surveys and participate in a short interview over the phone. You will be reimbursed $10.00 for transportation costs, and your child will receive a small toy and certificate of appreciation.
See contact note below.
b) Action Observation and Eye Gaze
We are looking for high- or low-functioning adults over 18 years of age with a diagnosed ASD who can follow simple instructions and repeat them back This study consists of multiple parts. These may include watching another person performing a task, watching a video, completing hands-on tasks and/or answering a series of questions. During some of the tasks, your eye movements will be recorded using an eye movement tracker. The study will involve between one to three visits that will be 45 minutes to an hour in duration. Please do not feel obligated to participate in all of the visits. You will be reimbursed $10 for every visit made to the lab.

In addition, ASD Studies is in the process of initiating new research projects for participants of all ages. Check out:
For more information regarding this study as well as others, please contact us at:
613-533-2841 OR
Dr Elizabeth Kelley
ASD Studies Group
Queen’s University
Department of Psychology
62 Arch St.
Kingston, ON. K7L 3N6