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The Asperger's Society of Ontario  
293 Wychwood Ave - Toronto-Ont-M6C 2T6 
Phone: (416) 651-4037 

The Aspergerís Society of Ontario, a registered charity, formed to help provide support for those with Aspergerís Syndrome, their families and the broader community. It is our experience that a wait for support of up to two years is not uncommon.  This is crucial time that should be used to develop important skills necessary to achieve success in life. Our mission is to provide that support with the following:

  • Parent/caregiver support groups that allow a chance to discuss important issues and to seek advice from other parents, educators and health professionals. 
  • Workshops designed to teach children/teens such things as coping strategies, social skills and emotional management. As well as provide them a chance to gather informally and see that they are one of many very unique people. The chance to share a common thread with their peers should not be missed as it will serve to strengthen self esteem and confidence.
  • Sibling support groups, giving them the chance to gather and discuss the issues important to them, learn coping strategies and ways of gaining a better understanding of the challenges that their siblings face.
  • We will provide educators and health professionals with current information, guidelines and strategies along with the chance to attend workshops and/or lectures given by other professionals working in the field.
  • The Aspergerís Society of Ontario will also serve as a resource centre for adults with  Aspergerís and others who may be seeking information on similar services available, books, conferences, web sites etc.
  • Our ongoing fund-raising events, articles and interviews on Aspergerís Syndrome will help to heighten community awareness and support. 
Everyone, whether abled or disabled (visibly or invisibly), deserves the chance to succeed. If given the right support, those with Aspergerís can succeed. That is what makes the need for support so very important.

Activities in the first year, 2001
We have accomplished much in the last year with few donations and membership dollars. A few of the things we have done include: 

  • Three consecutive eight week Social Skills Groups for AS kids 9-12 and Parent Support Groups for each 
  • Participation in the Ministry of Education re-write of Standards & Practices for Exceptional Students 
  • Community Partner in Surrey Place Centre Research Proposal for Adults with AS 
  • Asperger's Syndrome Conference (250+ attended) 
  • Information and resource source for over 180 families/individuals and half as many professionals wishing to learn more about Asperger's 
  • Several in service sessions with families/schools and other agencies (ie:Catholic Children's Aid Society, Hospital For Sick Children's Child Development Centre) to provide strategies and information on Asperger's as it may apply to the individual child and family
  • Newsletter and membership drive 
  • Participation in the McMaster University Conference on Genetics/Research put on by Dr. Peter Szatmari and team 
  • Asperger's Family Picnic - June/01 
  • Strategic Planning meeting with seven of Ontario's leading experts in Autism/Asperger's 



Autism Society Ontario

The provincial autism advocacy organization, which now has some 30 local chapters, offers information overviews of autism/pdd, interventions, treatments and education. Its focus is mainly on early childhood and school-age issues, but ASO sponsored a major Adult Task Force in 1990-91, which produced the report, Our Most Vulnerable Citizens which is available on our OAARSN site.

Several ASO chapters have their own websites:


Guelph Services for the Autistic and also:

GSA functions as a housing trust for its active members and encourages self-determination, individualized funding and support clusters. GSA co-operates with WWAS in producing the newsletter Adult Autism Issues in Waterloo-Wellington.


Homes for Adults with Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders (HAADD)

Established in 1990 and incorporated in 1993, HAADD is a Toronto-based group of over 70 family and individual members "working toward securing a future within the community for our members with autism."


The O.A.S.I.S. (Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support) Web Page

  • Toronto: see Asperger's Society of Ontario (see above)


Waterloo-Wellington Autism Services and also:

Incorporated in 1991, WWAS advocates for adults with autism/pdd in its region. It has developed adult service proposals, and operated a pilot project of supported employment and work experience (SEEP) in the mid-1990s. At present WWAS offers bursaries to adults with autism/pdd to enable them to get treatment or therapy or to develop abilities and skills for which other funds are not available.

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