Vela Microboard Association of British Columbia 
announces the First Training Institute on 
Developing and Supporting Microboards,
June 20-22, 2003 in Vancouver BC
Vela Microboard Association of B.C. are pioneers, the first organization to develop and design the concept of Microboards and to offer ongoing supports and services to Microboards. During our fourteen year history assisting in the development of over 175 Microboards in Canada, the U.S. and U.K., Vela has gained valuable knowledge on how to successfully assist in the creation of Microboards.    
In recognition of Vela's unique position, and to maintain the integrity and the intent of Microboards,  Vela now owns the legal Trademark right to the term "Microboard" and the copyright to the information and the development process on Microboards.
Learn more about:
-the intent and philosophy of Microboards;
-the  practical tools needed to develop Microboards; how to support and sustain Microboards; and
-how to assist in creating a healthy Microboard network. 
Cost for the weekend will be $1,000.00 Canadian (approx $700.00 U.S). This fee includes: the Institute; all related materials; on site accommodation for two nights/three days; and all meals from dinner Friday through brunch on Sunday. To learn more about this exciting weekend institute e-mail Linda Perry at:
Look up the Vela website