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7 October 2003


Individualized Funding

**AD HOC GATHERING of people interested in influencing the new government about disability supports in Ontario**
Meeting sponsored by the Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario:
Some questions that will be explored include:
1. What kind of framework and set of values will the major players likely agree on?
2. How do we see individualized funding and related supports fitting with the more traditional service system?
3. What would make sense to ask for from a new government to insure that individualized support and funding can be significantly expanded?
4.  What strategies do we want to pursue? who should do them?
Please RSVP to

Individualized Funding poster
It doesn't cost more to have a better life. 
Make Individualized Funding an option in Ontario!
Share this poster produced by the Family Alliance of Ontario

Investing in People
A new essay by John Lord in the series, Periodic Updates from the Individualized Funding Coalition of Ontario. "Understanding Individualized Support: The Power of Independent Planning and Facilitation."

"Expanding Individualized Funding: The Time is Now!"
February 20 to 22, 2004 at the Inn on the Park in Toronto.
The goals are:
- To develop an action plan for implementing IF in Ontario; and
- To develop strategies for building the capacity of families & communities for citizenship & IF.
Key stakeholders from all parts of the province are invited to think carefully about who needs to be invited in order to create and train a diverse, energetic and motivated leadership team. Please contact Judith Snow. Phone: 416-538-9344 or Fax: 416-516-1691

Other Disability Issues

Read the new article Reflections on Friendship by David and Faye Wetherow.
"What steps can we take to invite and support real friendships for our sons and daughters who live with disabilities?  We sometimes see other children moving along in a sea of friendship, and we see our children struggling with isolation.  The natural ebb and flow of play, enjoyment
and affection may seem out of reach, and we worry about the possibility of a life-long pattern of separateness.  What can we do?....."
This article was first published on the Apraxia-Kids website

October 9, 7:30 pm, in Waterloo
Waterloo Chapter of ASO meeting, with guest speaker Karen Klee on 
Sexuality and Adolescents with Developmental Needs
No charge. 115 University Ave E. (KW Habilitation)

Planned Lifetime Networks: Autumn Workshop series
Four Saturdays mornings, in Kitchener
Planning a Good Life Now
Oct. 25: Planning financial security
Nov. 1: Planning a home of one's own
Nov. 8: Planning for after we’re gone
Nov.15: Planning with our disabled children (capacity assessment, powers of attorney, and supported decision-making.
Click on heading for more details or phone 519-746-1188 or email

Philia’s 2003 Symposium, “Beyond Interventionist and Laissez-
Faire Policies: An Inspiration for Society,” will be presented from October 17 to 19 in Quebec. Amidst the beauty of the eastern townships at the peak of autumn splendour, come and explore in a thoughtful, leisurely and inspirational manner the creation a new definition of citizenship influenced by the disability sector.
For more information, visit or write

Disability Tax Committee Seeks Your Input
The Technical Advisory Committee on Tax Measures for Persons with Disabilities was appointed in April 2003 to address issues related to Canadian tax measures benefiting persons with disabilities. The committee has put out a call for input from both organizations representing persons with disabilities and individuals. A full
description of the committee’s mandate and the issues on which it invites feedback are available at
Comments can be e-mailed to or faxed to 613-943-5597. Deadline has been extended to 31 October 2003.

October 21 until November 21, 2003, in Toronto
ARTIST ALERT: Abilities Festival: A Celebration of Disability Arts and Culture
Abilities Festival is offering as its inaugural event "Connections," a month-long visual art exhibition and sale. It will run at the Carrier Gallery, which is housed in the Columbus Centre, 901 Lawrence Avenue, at the corner of Dufferin Street in Toronto. The gallery is open to the public every day and all are invited. The Canadian Abilities Foundation, on behalf of Abilities Festival, invited artists with disabilities to submit their work for consideration to this juried exhibition and sale. For further information, please visit the  website or phone 966-0393.

December 10 - 13, 2003, in Chicago, Illinois
2003 Annual TASH Conference
The TASH Conference is the conference to attend to learn about the most progressive policy and practice issues affecting people with disabilities, their families, support providers, and advocates. Participants can choose from a menu of over 450 sessions showcasing the most progressive thinking, practices, and research in the areas of Young Adult and Adult Services and Supports, Inclusive Quality Education across the Lifespan, Ethics, Values and Rights, and more! 
Click for details  To register



Ask Lindsay Moir
Family Net column in which questions about special needs in the Ontario education system are answered.


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