24 June 2008

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Participants needed for a research study of adults with autism

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered already--three more participants are needed.

Adults with autism are invited to participate in a study that aims to increase an understanding of factors that can contribute to good life outcomes of individuals with autism. The study explores how individuals with autism make meaning of their life experiences, how they conceive of their future, and how they currently live. The study also aims to understand whether different ways of making sense of life experiences and different ways of orientating towards future relate to the way individuals with autism live their lives.

The study involves an interview that takes about two hours. The interview will be conducted in two sessions, each of about one hour. The participants will receive $50 at the end of the interview. Participation in this study is entirely voluntary.

Eligibility requirements: Individuals with autism 25 years of age and older who have a documented diagnosis of Asperger’s Disorder or high functioning autism.

For more information, please contact Ljiljana Vuletic, Ph.D. Candidate at University of Toronto, at (416) 444-9208 or lvuletic@oise.utoronto.ca. If you have any concerns regarding this study, you can contact the Office of Research Ethics at ethics.review@utoronto.ca or 416-946-3273.


Call for Papers: Journal on Developmental Disabilities
Fall Issue 2009: “Falling Through the Cracks”

The Journal on Developmental Disabilities is announcing a Call for Papers for an upcoming special issue focused on people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (ID/DD) who are "falling through the cracks". This issue will be edited by
Ann Fudge Schormans (JoDD Chief Editorial Board, McMaster University) and Ted Myerscough (JoDD, University of Toronto).

We are interested in receiving submissions that address and highlight issues facing those labelled persons who are on the margins of an already marginalized population; people whose identity/identities, circumstances and needs are neither recognized nor adequately understood. For example, people with ID/DD who:

·         are involved with the correction and judicial systems
·         are homeless, living in shelters, on the street, or in other temporary and unstable (and unsafe) arrangements
·         are involved with the mental health system
·         experience prejudice and difficulties because of their sexual identity
·         have come to attention of child welfare/protection services
·         experiencing alcohol or substance abuse
·         have recently immigrated
·         have been (inappropriately) placed in long-term care health facilities
·         are aging and living with aging parents, or those whose caregivers have died
·         are multiply labelled
·         experience geographic vulnerability (e.g., people with ID/DD living in remote communities)

This list is not exhaustive and we welcome contributions addressing other issues. We are interested in receiving academic papers (theoretical and/or research based), personal narratives, photo-essays, art, poetry, and opinion pieces.

We particularly encourage contributions from labelled persons, from families and carers, service providers and support workers, as well as from academics and researchers.

Deadline for Submissions: February 1, 2009
For more information, contact:
Ann Fudge Schormans                           or                     Ted Myerscough
annfudgeschormans@hotmail.com                                  tross@vex.net
The Journal on Developmental Disabilities is published by the Ontario Association on Developmental Disabilities to foster and promote thoughtful and critical dialogue about relevant issues in the field of developmental disabilities, including those
broader social issues that impact on persons with developmental disabilities. The Journal on Developmental Disabilities addresses an international audience and international concerns. The JoDD is on-line at http://www.oadd.org
Ann Fudge Schormans, M.S.W., R.S.W., Ph.D. Candidate, Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto, Chief Editorial Board, Journal on Developmental Disabilities



Could the autism epidemic be something to celebrate?
"Although autism is certainly diagnosed more often than it once was, that does not mean that more children are developing it. ...the condition is probably no more prevalent than it has always been. What has changed is that it is being recognised properly for the first time."
An essay inspired by Roy Grinker's book Unstrange Minds, a powerful memoir of his family's experience;of the struggle to obtain a diagnosis for Isabel and to have her needs catered for by the education system. It also describes her difficult but warm and rewarding personality and her family's joy as she learns to make sense of a confusing and often frightening world. Mark Henderson, Science Editor of The Times concludes that "children and adults who for centuries have been given the wrong diagnosis, or been missed altogether, are finally being assessed appropriately. That can only be good for research into the condition's origins and treatment. Most importantly, it will help the rest of us to understand and meet autistic people's needs."

CDC: Vaccine Study Design "Uninformative and Potentially Misleading"
David Kirby, in The Huffington Post, comments on CDC Director Dr. Julie Gerberding's potentially explosive report to the powerful US House Appropriations Committee, in which she admits to a startling string of errors in the design and methods used in the CDC's landmark 2003 study that found no link between mercury in vaccines and autism, ADHD, speech delay or tics.

Diets that eat away at illnesses
An article about the role of diet in treating disorders, notably the 85-year old ketogenic diet, which
researchers and physicians are trying to "leverage" to treat various other neurological disorders, including ALS, brain tumors, autism, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, narcolepsy and migraines.



World Autism Awareness Day Bill
Moved in The Canada Senate by Senator Jim Munson. Click on title to read his speech on the status of autism research and services in Canada, recorded in Hansard for 17 June 2008. "Bill S-237 would make April 2 world autism awareness day, which would bring the attention of all Canadians to the issue of autism, a problem that affects at least one in 165 families in this country. Autism, a neurological disorder that isolates people from the world around them, is on the rise in Canada and affects more children worldwide than paediatric cancer, diabetes and AIDS combined."
Click here to read "Pay Now or Pay Later: Autism Families in Crisis"



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Announcing Series of Events
PLAN Institute offers
Weaving the Ties That Bind
Online Training Course for Facilitating Social Support Networks
"Facilitated social support networks are an effective way to address the isolation and loneliness of many people living on the margins of our society. These networks (also known as “circles of friends”) are proven to contribute to the health, safety and well being of individuals who are vulnerable as a result of age, disability or social circumstance."
Click on title for details of availability and to register--for September, October, or November.

April 11 to July 13, 2008
Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto is hosting an exhibit
Out from Under: Disability, History and Things to Remember
organized by the School of Disability Studies at Ryerson University
The 13-panel installation premiered in October 2007 at the ten-day Abilities Arts Festival in Toronto.

Learn more on the ROM website

A 60-page catalogue entitled Out from Under: Disability, History and Things to Remember (2008), accompanies the exhibition. Written by the curatorial team and produced by the School of Disability Studies at Ryerson University it will be available in soft cover for $30 (plus applicable taxes) at the ROM Museum Store and the Ryerson University Bookstore, 17 Gould Street, Toronto.


Announcing Individual Events

June 23-25, 2008
Summer Institute at University of San Diego
Autism: Work With Me, Not On Me
This unique conference brings state-of-the-art ideas from national and international speakers on how to better understand and support individuals who live with autism. Topics will include:
  • Rhythm, Relationship, and Communication
  • The Role of Movement Differences in Communication and Participation
  • Applying Dynamic Systems Theory
  • Communication Supports
  • Supporting Social/Emotional Development
  • Relationships and Relationship-Development
  • Sensitivity Training – Understanding the Lived Experience of Persons with the Autism Label
  • Relaxation Techniques and Yoga
  • Exploration in Using Rhythm as Accommodations
  • Panel of Individuals with Autism
  • Autism Hub Bloggers
Click for a poster

Toronto Summer Inclusion Institute 2008
Hosted by the
Marsha Forest Centre
Ryerson University
, Toronto July 12 -17, 2008
Click to view pamphlet
NB: Early Bird Special expires on May 31

Conference on Autism & Asperger's Syndrome
You and your friends can "attend" from your home or school via your computer---just as if you were there! You will even be able to ask questions of the presenters! Experts in the field of Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome will be discussing the disability from a variety of perspectives. Presenters include Dr. Temple Grandin speaking from her new book, "The Way I See It: A personal look at Autism and Asperger's" and Dr Tony Attwood presenting - "The Complete Guide to Asperger's". In addition to these two internationally known speakers, Maria Wheeler will be sharing her expertise in behavioral strategies. Sheila Wagner. Author of "Inclusive Programming for Elementary Schools", and "Understanding Asperger's: Fast Facts" will speak on mainstreaming ASD students. Individual rates---$175.00 for both days---$95.00 for either day (group rates available) For more information contact Teresa Corey at 1-800-489-0727 or teresa@fhautism.com Website: http://www.fhautism.com

ISAAC 2008 - The 13th Biennial Conference of the 
International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication

August 2 to 7, Montreal, QC
The conference theme is Leadership. Individuals who use AAC for their daily communication have increasingly taken on leadership roles in many different ways. Examples of leadership will be showcased as part of the 2008 conference program. 2008 is the 25th anniversary of ISAAC. They will be celebrating the history of ISAAC and AAC, which has changed enormously in the last 25 years, and will continue to evolve in the future. For more info visit http://www.isaac2008.org .

September 4-7, 2008

US Autism & Asperger Association presents
2008 International Conference in San Antonio, Texas
featuring Paul Shattock and Doris Rapp
Conference Theme: Treating Autism as a Medical Disorder:
Bringing Biomedical Treatments and Behavioral & Developmental Therapies Together

Click for overview and early registration

October 22, 23, 24, 2008, in Toronto
Autism 2008 – Geneva Centre for Autism International Symposium
The Symposium will provide a cross-section of perspectives on the most recent research and information on evidenced based best  practice.  All topics of importance to autism intervention will be addressed including bio-medical and neurobiological research, ABA, intervention, social skills, behaviour, communication, first-hand accounts, Asperger’s Disorder, and more.  Featuring speakers from Canada, U.S., Great Britain, and Australia
Click here for program information
Along the right hand side are topics;  simply scroll through the schedule, and topics specific to adults indicate ‘adults’ in the right hand column, or click on the ‘adults’ topic at the top of the list.

For registration information, visit www.autism.net or contact Eva Finna at efinna@congresscan.com or 416-504-4500 ext. 208.



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