Strategies and formal agreements developed by
Guelph Services for the Autistic in its role as housing trust
Edited by Elizabeth & Gerald Bloomfield, 2008

Guelph Services for the Autistic (GSA) has functioned as a housing trust since 1997. Its mission is to help adults with autism to live in their own homes with dignity and safety, supported by family and friends--and with self-directed planning, individualized funding, and infrastructure services as needed.

Other families and organizations are interested in following the path pioneered by GSA, so we have compiled this 120-page guide to the various agreements and procedures, with some explanatory text.
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Important Note:
The authors and GSA want the material in this publication to be useful for and with persons who are vulnerable. We ask families or organizations wishing to reproduce or adapt anything from this book to credit the source and tell us what use they are making of our material. While the various documents have been proven in practice and studied by lawyers, GSA and the authors disclaim any responsibility for any use that might be made of these documents, or any modifications to them. Please consult your legal professionals.
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GSA provides information to persons who live with ASD, their families and caregivers in order to support their search for resources and their right to choose between them. Unless specifically indicated, we do not endorse any specific treatment, program, product or service.