11 February 2009
An electronic bulletin for adults who are vulnerable because of disability
and for their families, friends and supporters who care about them
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Announcement by Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN)
RBC (Royal Bank of
Canada) has announced that it will be offering a Registered Disability Savings Product (RDSP) effective February 16th 2009. For those of you who want to take advantage of 2008 benefits and contributions this can be achieved by opening an RDSP prior to the March 2nd extended deadline. To set up an appointment locally with an RBC advisor call 1-800 463 3863.  You can arrange to meet an RBC representative at your local RBC branch or at a mutually convenient location. Read RBC’s full press release.
PLAN partners with RBC to reach more Canadians
RBC and PLAN also announced that they are teaming up to inform Canadians about the RDSP. We estimate approximately 500,000 Canadians will be eligible to open an RDSP and our mutual goal is that people be aware of how the RDSP will assist people with disabilities in assuring their future financial security.
Update yourself with the latest RDSP-related news
To learn more about the RDSP please visit the most authoritative website on the subject,
If you have not already taken taken advantage of the one year free membership to PLAN, register now at or and receive regular emails on RDSP-related issues and other areas related to planning for a good life for you, a relative or a friend.
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Contact Information: Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN) • Suite 260 - 3665 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5W2.
Phone: 604.439.9566 • Fax: 604.439.7001 • Email: • Web: and

Click to read observations on the RDSP by John Toft, parent, of the Families Matter Co-op in Ottawa

As we have advised in earlier bulletins, the Ontario government has announced that it will change the Ontario Disability Support Program to ensure that both Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) assets and withdrawals will not disqualify someone from ODSP
Read the Government press release

Bulletin from PLAN, which spearheaded this form of savings for families with a son or daughter with a disability:
December 1, the RDSP Becomes Official!

The Registered Disability Savings Plan is now an official Canadian Registered Plan and can be issued by financial institutions across Canada. The RDSP promises to be a life-changing future planning tool for hundreds of thousands of Canadians with a disability, and we are excited that this has become a reality. We see the RDSP as an opportunity for families and individuals across Canada to greatly increase their future financial security and quality of life.
PLAN announces the launch of the new website --the place to go for any information relating to the RDSP, including financial updates, provincial treatments, details and analysis, stories...
Try out the RDSP Calculator.

Canadian Government extends RDSP deadline to March 2009
Canadian Government welcomes national availability of Registered Disability Savings Plans and extends deadline for establishing a plan and applying for the 2008 Grant and Bond.
Read the full article



Modeling Community Change and Innovation
New resource material has been posted on

Spark of Brilliance

The Canadian Abilities Foundation

News bulletin of Ministry of Community and Social Services: Developmental Services for January 2009,
featuring the Increasing Community Capacity Initiative (ICC),
which aims to provide funding for 600 people now on waiting lists by 2010



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Augmentative Communication Community Partnerships-Canada (ACCPC)
has posted information about 2009 workshops and seminars
Please contact for more information:
Barbara Collier
Executive Director
Augmentative Communication Community Partnerships-Canada
131 Barber Greene Rd.
Toronto ON M3C 3Y5

Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN) Workshops & Seminars

Within BC or online.
To help you in planning a safe and secure future for your relative with a disability, PLAN offers a variety of seminars and workshops on topics of interest to families. For a list of upcoming events, go to PLAN's website:

The Center for Self-Determination

is “the primary clearinghouse, training and technical assistance source on Self-Determination in the United States and other countries. The Center is devoted to moving power and authority over resources directly to individuals with disabilities, families and allies.


A crossroads looms. The promise of Freedom has not yet come to all our citizens.
People in the recovery movement and older adults together with those with physical and developmental disabilities, yearn to craft a meaningful life. 

Self-Determination is a way to face together the current perfect fiscal storm and to have people
not just survive - but flourish in an environment fraught with potential cutbacks and support scarcity.
The implementation of Self-Determination throughout the world has provided us with a
wealth of knowledge that can meet this challenge. There may be no other alternative.

Find out why knowing this information is critically important to YOU and the future of all people in need of support. Consider these questions:


Self-Determination Principles
*   What is the difference between Self-Determination and self direction and why does it matter?

*   How does the Recovery Model fit with Self-Determination?

*   How can older adults with disabilities benefit from Self-Determination?

*   How is Self-Determination implemented for people with significant intellectual and other disabilities?

*   Freedom - Does it mean I can do anything I want?


Implementation Issues
*   How can we make individual budgeting work in an economically strained environment?

*   How do we balance Rights and Responsibility in Self-Determination?

*   How do we take a value based approach and really implement it?

*   What are the tools to help make this easier to implement?


Quality not Compliance
*   What are the Real Life Quality Standards and how do they differ from accreditation?

*   How is quality different in Self-Determination and what does it really require of us?


Real Lives/Real Outcomes
*   What are the outcomes of Self-Determination?

*   What about Health and Safety?

*   Why is there so much emphasis on where and with whom someone lives-control of one's living environment?

*   Why are community membership and relationships so important to Self-Determination?

*   Can everyone generate private income?

*   Is personal impoverishment a perpetual requirement?

*   How is the production of income different from employment?

*   How much risk is rational and how is it mitigated?

Visit the website at to learn about special events over in the next few months in various regions.


We know that some vulnerable adults and their families and caregivers are heroically using what resources they have to achieve some successes with their challenges. Some can report remarkable progress. We invite you to share your challenges, dreams and success stories, if you think others might help or benefit. If you wish, we will not publish your name or email address. You may send a message to


This bulletin is for everyone who is vulnerable because of any kind of disability, and for their families, friends and supporters. We can share dilemmas and difficulties as well as bright ideas and successes. There are announcements of events and special projects, discussions of issues and concerns, and links to useful books, websites and other resources. Our focus is mainly on Ontario, but we have wider contacts as well.

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