20 February 2007
An electronic bulletin for adults who are vulnerable because of disability
and for their families, friends and supporters who care about them

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This bulletin is for everyone who is vulnerable because of any kind of disability, and for their families, friends and supporters. We can share dilemmas and difficulties as well as bright ideas and successes. There are announcements of events and special projects, discussions of issues and concerns, and links to useful books, websites and other resources. Our focus is mainly on Ontario, but we have wider contacts as well.

You are receiving this bulletin because you attended the Guelph Spring Conference on Creative Supports in April 2005 or expressed interest in resources coming out of that conference. Or you may have been a member of our PLN Listserv, for people concerned with Personal Support Networks. Or someone on the List has suggested that you could be interested. We hope you will continue on the Aroha Listserv, recommend it to others, and contribute news and ideas that we may share. Please click for a technical note on how to maintain your membership of the Aroha Listserv and how to unsubscribe if you wish.

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Gerald & Elizabeth Bloomfield
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

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This bulletin features the inappropriate placement of adults with developmental disabilities in Ontario nursing homes.

"Nowhere else to go: 1,600 developmentally disabled adults have been moved into Ontario nursing homes with people often twice their age"
Read Toronto Star article about issues of Long term care for adults with developmental disabilities
Read Open Letter by Dr Patricia Spindel
Read Open Letter by Janis Jaffe-White  of the Toronto Family Network

These letters have been sent to the Premier on Ontario, with copies to others on this list:
Hon. Dalton McGuinty - 416-325-9895
Alex Johnston, Director of Policy and Stakeholder Relations in Mr. McGuinty's Office - 416-325-7819
Hon. Madeleine Meilleur, Minister of Community & Social Services 416-325-1498<> 
Hon. George Smitherman, Minister of Health & Long Term Care 416- 326-1571
Mr. Andre Marin, Ombudsman of Ontario 416-586-3485
Shelley Martel MPP Nickel Belt - 705-969-3538

Visit the Family Alliance Ontario website
for an update on Common
Vision for Real Transformation


(not previously announced on this List)

25 February 2007, all day, in Durham Region
Reflecting on Support Workers
Through story telling and dialogue, Judith McGill will help you reflect on how to
get the most out of your Support Worker and how to build a supportive context for their work.
In the Family Leadership Series of Families for a Secure Future
Click on the title for more and how to register.

Thursday, March 8, 1-4 pm, at Ryerson University.
The Working Together for Change Project ( is holding another free seminar on issues of relevance to people with disabilities (the portrayal of people with disabilities in public photographs and exploring disabled youth’s experiences securing and managing home supports) and have a participatory component to them.

"One of our project goals is to increase the involvement of people with disabilities and their families in the research process....We believe that we can assist the movement in this direction by helping people in the community, students, people who work in organizations that support people with disabilities, academics and researchers see that working together on research projects is possible and incredibly enriching for the process and players. We do this by offering seminars where people get to hear about actual research projects from the people involved."

For more information, please contact:
Barbara Ostroff
Co-Principal Investigator
Working Together For Change


Nancy Lurie Marks Foundation Fostering Knowledge and Community for Autism and Beyond
Offer of research funds for projects aimed at investigating communication difficulties, capacities and options for individuals with autism spectrum disorders.
Very little effort now goes into communication support for adults with autism, though communication is a key "deficit". A big reason for this neglect has been the absence of funds for research and implementation. It would be great if this new initiative could help to turn that around, and if Canada could be somehow involved:  
Deadline for receipt of Letters of Intent is March 15, 2007.
See for general information:
Click for detailed announcement which states that researchers outside the
US are eligible to apply and explicitly encourages research in Supported Communicating and FC:



We know that some vulnerable adults and their families and caregivers are heroically using what resources they have to achieve some successes with their challenges. Some can report remarkable progress. We invite you to share your challenges, dreams and success stories, if you think others might help or benefit.
If you wish, we will not publish your name or email address. You may send a message to

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